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When people come to Marina Del Rey, they likely have one thing on their mind: "When can I get in the water?" It makes sense, we are only a minute's walk from the shore, we offer private boat slips during your stay, and Marina is in our name.

While veteran sailors will likely be prepared to launch their boat the moment they check in, other guests may not own their own watercraft. Occasionally, guests will ask to rent a boat, only to realize they need a specific license to operate one. Don't get stranded when planning your boating trip, read on to successfully launch your vacation at Grand Lake.

Grand Lake Boat Rentals

If you're looking for a place to rent watercraft from, we can help you out! Call us & we can help get a boat rented & here for you when you arrive.

Marina Del Rey Resort

Boat Slips

One of the best features we offer at Marina Del Rey Resort is our convenient boat slips. Rather than docking your boat at a marina a few miles away from the resort, you can rent out your own "parking spot" for your entire stay. We want you to spend more time on the water than on the road.

Boat Slip Prices
$15 per day
$230 / month for 30-foot boat slip
$480 / month for 55-foot boat slip

You can learn more about our marina by visiting our Boat Slips page below.

Rocks & Docks

10-minute drive

Address: 115 W Main Street, Disney, OK. 74340
Phone: (918) 937-9378
Hours: No set hours until May. Reservations must be made online. They will meet you at the store 30 minutes before your scheduled rental time.

We recommend Rocks & Docks Adventure Rentals. They are located in Disney, OK. just minutes from us. They offer 2022 Landau Island Breeze 232 Cruise (Up To 12 People) & jet skis.

Oklahoma Boating Laws

Figure out what laws you need to follow on Grand Lake o' the Cherokees.

Boat Safety

Make sure you know basic boating safety protocol. Do you know when you have the right of way? Do you know how many people you can have on your watercraft? Keep this information in mind by reading a handbook provided by the State of Oklahoma.

Boating Licenses

One thing that can be easy to forget if you're not from Oklahoma, is that you need a proper boating license for the state if you want to sail. Anybody 12 and older who wants to operate watercraft should take a boating safety course. They aren't expensive and they have good information.

You have all the essential info that you need to enjoy your lakeside vacation at the Marina Del Rey Resort. The Grand Lake is perfect, and soon you'll get to experience it.